High Brightness Panels & Displays are increasing in use in outdoor and public areas, such as airports, bus terminals and customer information screens where high ambient light or sun glare prevents your standard low brightness display being able to be viewed. Our range of high brightness solutions are available in various levels of brightness up to 3000nits and are available in several formats:

  • Complete assembled monitors, minimal integration required. Depending on model, can be VESA mounted.
  • Open frame, supplied without a front bezel allowing simple and easy integration into applications such as POS display or industrial equipment.

  • LCD panels with A/D board, all components supplied in kit form, designed for installation into custom enclosures.

  • LCD panel only, used for a high level of integrations. LCD panel can be directly connected to a single board computer (SBC) via the onboard LVDS connector.

Embedded Technologies can assist and advise on the best method of LCD integration into your design.

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