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PICMG Single Board Computers

Available in Full-size and Half-size, Embedded Technologies’ PICMG SBCs are Meant for Anyone Desiring Low Power Requirement and High Performance

Embedded Technologies offers full-size and half-size slot SBCs, catering to legacy ISA, PCI and the latest PICMG 1.0 and 1.3 standards. From low power to high performance SBCs, these full featured slot SBCs offer rich features and great expandability for systems. Embedded Technologies also offers complimentary industrial grade backplanes and chassis for every scenario.

Benefits of Slot SBC

Slot SBCs have been around for some time. They offer easy system expandability, easy maintenance, and quick faulty part replacements, which translates to lower downtime and cost savings.

Embedded Technologies’ Computer-On-Modules

Embedded Technologies offers several industry standard Computer-On-Modules. Basic, Standard and Nano type COM Express, XTX and ETX, right down to the tiny Qseven (Q7) Modules are available with their validation carrier boards. Customized services for dedicated carrier boards are available upon request.

Embedded Technologies’ PICMG full sized computer boards feature strong and reliable performance. Accompanied by our Embedded Technologies backplane and chassis, these complete systems are ideal for the CTI (Communication Telecom Industry) and Mail Server solutions.


Embedded Technologies’ Embedded Motherboard line focuses on the most popular form factor, the Mini-ITX. This form factor is ideal in KIOSKs, POS, Medical, and Gaming industries. There are several interfaces provided by this SBC including PCI, PCI-E, Mini Card, and Mini-PCI.