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Industrial Motherboards

Embedded Technologies’ Industrial Motherboards line focuses on the most popular: Nano ITX, Mini-ITX, MicroATX and ATX. These form factors are ideal in the KIOSK, POS, Panel PC, Vending Machine, Banking Machine, Medical and Gaming industries. PCI, PCI-E, Mini-Card, M.2 and Mini-PCI bus interfaces are provided. In addition, more standard I/O connectors are arranged at the rear/front I/O to save cost and ease in system design.

NANO-ITX Motherboards


Embedded Technologies’ Embedded Motherboard line focuses on the most popular form factor, the Mini-ITX. This form factor is ideal in KIOSKs, POS, Medical, and Gaming industries. There are several interfaces provided by this SBC including PCI, PCI-E, Mini Card, and Mini-PCI.