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Industrial Computers

Embedded Technologies’ extensive range of Industrial Computers, offers a  full line of varied fanless embedded industrial computers of all sizes to help your project, no matter the scale, succeed in the field of transportation, outdoor display systems, environmental and industrial facility monitoring, building automation, and other relevant IPC areas.

Embedded Technologies industrial computers

Our wide spectrum of fanless industrial computers provides a full line of feature rich, expandable modular, high or low power embedded industrial computers of all shapes and sizes to suit all harsh environmental applications. From factory automation to operating in extreme temperatures, the applications for any industrial computer are wide and varied such as infotainment systems, environmental and industrial facility monitoring and building automation.

Our series of ultra-slim, low power embedded controllers at just 20mm (0.79”) thickness. This slim design enables the series to be installed in space constrained locations.

BOXER-6639M Th1

Our compact range of (“BOXER”) series provides a full line of varied fanless embedded computers of all sizes and feature rich I/O, used in a variety of applications such as  transportation, entertainment, environmental and industrial facility monitoring, building automation, and other relevant IPC areas.


Our “AEC” series Box PCs are designed for high performance, and incorporate multiple, unique features such as expandability, electrically isolated Digital I/O , NVRAM for data protection and have support a variety of expansion solution via Mini PCIe, half size PCI and PCIe expansion slots.


Range of industrial computers suited for high vibration, heat and utilising our vehicle power supply unit (VPSU) support features cold crank power fluctuations . Optional features include wireless modules, on-board GPS and has e-Mark/e13 vehicle certification.  Models can be optioned to support input voltages up to 160VDC

FWS-2272 Featured

Our range of network gateway  solutions are equipped with up to 7 x  GbE LAN ports. Some models supporting 4 x POE GbE 802.3at LAN ports. With multiple on-board Ethernet ports and utilising high end processing power, high speed Layer 2 or 3 real time protocol analysing using our rage of small Fanless industrial network gateway platforms. Providing applications such as bandwidth management, protocol prioritisation, WiFi Hotspot management, wall garden and captive portal payment gateway options.

AIOT-IGWS01 Featured

Embedded Technologies range of IoT gateways support a diverse range of operating systems, are designed to suit industrial IoT applications.  Coupled with remote monitoring hardware , our IOT gateway are used in Agriculture, farming  and smart city application, such as livestock monitoring, water bore sensor level reporting, industrial cool room alarms  and live vehicle tracking.